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Pentagon and biometrics

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Biometrics has taken the U.S. Department of Defense by storm, both as a tool to fight war on the battlefield and as a way to make its business practices more efficient…“You can figure out who someone associated with and what they have been involved in. You can link events such as an [improvised explosive device] at one place and a protest at another. You build a picture of what has gone on.”… The military uses iris, facial, palm and voice characteristics in the field…now the Pentagon is bringing biometrics back for use at home. Just like in the combat zone — where biometrics are used to grant people access to secure facilities — the Defense department is using them in its own facilities as a type of universal access: every member of the military, their families and civilian employees have a common access identification card that is embedded with their fingerprints….At Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., the Air Force uses a device that scans hand prints to clear veterans who are receiving treatment at the Veterans Affairs clinic for access to the base hospital…Army uses iris scanning technology to provide keyless entry to sensitive areas…


Fingerprints for 24hr fitness access

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Members of the 24 Hour Fitness chain no longer need to worry about forgetting their membership cards and IDs when they go to the gym: All they need to bring are their fingers…using fingerprint scanners at its 60 San Francisco Bay area locations to verify members’ identities. It also has started offering so-called “Cardless Check-In”…To enter the gym, 24 Hour Fitness members need to punch in a 10-digit code and have an index finger scanned by a device that compares the fingerprint to one on file…Biometric devices are now used by companies to have employees clock in and out, by schools to restrict access to subsidized lunches and by Walt Disney World to identify pass-holders…