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Weekly QuEST Discussion Topics and News, 7 Apr

QuEST 7 April 2017

This is a bonus QuEST meeting this week – I had expected to lose this week due to travel but it got a reprieve – the downside is my voice is weak so many will have to pick up the slack during the discussion but we’ve had several email threads that I can’t pass up the opportunity to advance our thoughts.

Many of us are focused on ‘Autonomy’.  To that end we’ve written a FAQ on the topic where we generated a self-consistent set of definitions to make our discussions on capabilities and capability gaps more precise.  We will start this week with a presentation of the FAQ terms relevant to systems consisting of multiple agents (humans and computers).  It turns out this alone is a challenge – since it is so easy to lose the relationship between the terms.  So we will spend some time attempting to come up with an approach to bringing others up to speed on our use of these terms to facilitate conversations.  The will provide the machinery to move to the main topic.

The major focus this week is on the expectation that solutions for many of the mission capabilities we seek will require an Agile System of systems (ASoS).  This system (made up of both human and computer agents) has to solve the issue of collaboration between its agents.  Collaboration will require inter-agent communication.  We seek to have agile communication versus having to standardize a communication protocol to maintain maximum agility.  We expect agents will join and depart from these collaborations and some of the required mission capabilities will not be pre-defined.  Do we need these agents to be able to share knowledge or meaning or both?  What is required for two agents to be able to share knowledge or meaning?  Since the goal of collaboration is to accomplish some task that requires the ASoS has an understanding, meaning associated with expected successful completion of the task.  What is required for multiple agents to collaboratively achieve understanding for a given task?

Autonomy FAQ 88ABW-2017-0021 (1)news summary (48)

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