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Weekly QuEST Discussion Topics and News, 24 Mar

QuEST March 24 2017


This week we will have our colleague Sean M provide us his insights into the topic of Remote Viewing and relate those to the QuEST interest in impacting the ‘subconscious’ of the human teammates to our computer based QuEST agents for more effective group (human-machine) decisions:


What engineering advantage can we obtain against the mission of QuEST by taking a serious look at the US government-sponsored “psychic spy” program?  In the words of a former Army unit member, Major David Morehouse, this was “one of the intelligence services’ most controversial, misunderstood, and often feared special access programs.”  In this discussion Sean Mahoney will attempt to demystify the subject.


In September of 1995 the public learned of a nearly 23 yearlong intelligence gathering program that utilized a purely human centered ISR technique called ‘remote viewing’.  Remote viewing, as it was used by the military, was developed at the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) under contract by the CIA in the 1970s.  It is a teachable, structured pen-and-paper process by which a person can interview their own subconscious mind about a pre-selected target, that their conscious mind is blind to, and report data on that target.


Since declassification, many former military remote viewers wrote books and created training programs describing the methodologies they used successfully throughout the life of the government program. A community has sprung up around the practice with thousands of people across the globe actively applying remote viewing to various uses. There is now an International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), 2 magazines, an annual conference, and a few professional consulting groups that offer remote viewing services for anything from missing persons or property, to legal cases, to research and development efforts. Through books, formal training, conference attendance, and lots of practice, Sean has learned several different methodologies of remote viewing as they have been taught by former military unit members.  Sean will present on his experiences with remote viewing and what he feels it reveals about intuitive cognition and the nature of consciousness. Please join us for this interesting discussion.

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