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Weekly QuEST Discussion Topics and News, 11 Mar

QuEST 11 March 2016:

We again have multiple topics this week:

I want to catch everyone up briefly on where we landed on situation

understanding – great discussion last week and it solidified a position that I want

Meaning is the changes in an agent’s representation resulting from a query.

Understanding is the impact of that meaning on accomplishing a particular task

We can also finish the discussion around issues and defining characteristics of

understanding and relating it to ISR mission capabilities:

 Bloom considerations

 More than generating an acceptable response

 Transfer of knowledge

 Coverage – understanding not necessarily enhanced by more data

 Using knowledge flexibly

We also want to briefly discuss the DRAW (Deep Recurrent Attentive Writer)

(DRAW): A recurrent neural network for image generation. The purpose of this

discussion is to get everyone thinking about how we can generate our ‘artificially

conscious’ representation in QuEST agents. That representation requires a

confabulation that is situation, simulated and structurally coherent. The DRAW

article was recently investigated by our team as an option. We want to discuss

the work and where we found limitations / challenges. DRAW networks combine

a novel spatial attention mechanism that mimics the foveation of the human

eye, with a sequential variational auto-encoding framework that allows for the

iterative construction of complex images. DRAW is just one example of a

generative model that we have been considering – we will discuss others later.

Another topic we’ve been spending time on recently is the Dynamic Memory

Network, out of MetaMind. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/07/technology/taking-baby-


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