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Weekly QuEST Discussion Topics and News, 4 Mar

QuEST 4 March 2016


We again have multiple topics this week:

Our colleagues Jared C and OX have spent some time capturing what we would like to achieve with a QuEST Theory of Knowledge (ToK).  We will start this week having a discussion to help us refine the goals of that effort.

QuEST Theory of Knowledge

By a QuEST Theory of Knowledge (QToK), we mean a collection of mathematical models, along with algorithms and theorems that would allow us to begin to answer questions such as:

What can a team of agents know and how can it reason in a given environment?

What knowledge and processing is required for a given task?

Such a theory would enable the matching of (a team of) agents to (a set of) tasks with an expectation of a certain level of performance (e.g., one could provide more training or computer-based decision aides to a human team, tailored for making particular decisions in a specific environment). …

The second topic is on understanding – versus awareness – I am giving a plenary talk in an upcoming conference and the topic is – The QuEST for multi sensor big data isr situation understanding – so I’ve been trying to resolve my issues with the unexpected query as the means to communicate the hole we are attempting to fill and cast the hole as understanding playing off our efforts to define meaning.

I’m now casting the discussion around issues and defining characteristics (currently the 9 below) of understanding and relating it to ISR mission capabilities:



More than generating an acceptable response

Problem of inert ideas

Agent centric

Requires transfer of knowledge

Unexpected queries

Coverage – not attained by just adding more data

Using knowledge flexibly

Updating knowledge

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