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Proceedings from Computational Model of Narrative 2014

From Sandy Vaughn, below please find the url link to the proceedings, as well as some papers with potential application to QuEST efforts.


The papers which in my opinion apply most to the QuEST research area (don’t judge these papers applicability by their titles):

Mindreading, Privileged Access and Understanding Narratives
Authors: Kiss, Szabolcs ; Jakab, Zoltán
(“…how children develop their internal subjective representations (qualia)” – he refers to Wittgenstein and uses ‘qualia’ in his paper in the same sense that we are.)

Toward Neurally-Inspired Computational Models of Narrative (Invited Talk)
Authors: Zacks, Jeffrey M.

Modeling the Function of Narrative in Expertise
Authors: MacDougall, W. Korey ; West, Robert L. ; Genovesi, Christopher
(modeling in ACT-R, and interesting reference to Newell’s task levels)

A Hybrid Representational Proposal for Narrative Concepts: A Case Study on Character Roles
Authors: Lieto, Antonio ; Damiano, Rossana
(Wittgenstein – family resemblance, Prototype Theory and )

A Character Model with Moral Emotions: Preliminary Evaluation
Authors: Battaglino, Cristina ; Damiano, Rossana
(Discusses Affect, Dual-process (Stanovich), derivation model, and Intensity model of emotions, reasoning with exceptions, representation of common sense)

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