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Weekly QuEST Discussion Topics, 24 June

We will meet on Tues 24 Jun at noon and on Friday 27 June at noon. We will not do the white paper discussions this week with our colleagues at the CVPR conference. Instead we will clean up any issues people would like to discuss. Two topics on the top of Capt Amerika’s list of concerns are:
1.) ACT-R / LaRue models and narratives – giving some thought ot how to tie these ideas together – a discussion along these lines will allow our colleagues going to the upcoming computational models of narratives workshop to focus their interactions to assist some of the current challenges we are facing on implementation.

2.) While working on his novel while at the beach – Capt Amerika realized the importance of ‘situating’ the reader as a key talen t good novelist have (unlike Capt Amerika) – as an engineer up to this point the novel (‘Taming the Beast’) – was full of anecdotes and short snippets of stories to communicate a series of life lessons on leadership – once he altered this approach and realized that when good novels are written what he previously considered fluff was really all about situating the reader – when you successfully situate the reader you are engaging both their Type 1 and their Type 2 processes and thus totally immerse them in the experience versus being told something second hand – if you will you have to get their mirror neurons working – he might provide a couple of examples from the book – this experience also has him rethinking the cloud diagram of our cognitive framework – clearly when you read something (like the novel) you are using your Type 2 processes to get the stimuli – but if appropriately written the Type 2 processes will not only help re-wire your Type 1 processes they engage your Type 1 processes (for example you get emotionally engaged into what you are reading) – it also seems that the multiple plausible narratives we’ve spoke of and recently talked instead of multiple potential cohesive narratives –really are not complete narratives but alternative emphasis being placed on the many potential links that are being used to create the working memory – our recent discussions on conceptual combination where we spoke of the many different ways that people have used to model this process

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