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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, 14 March

For our QUEST discussion this week, we are happy to have our colleagues from the Human Performance Wing Dr. Kevin Gluck and Dr. Matthew Walsh speak to us about their work on ‘Mechanisms for robust behavior’. Please see below for an abstract of the subject, and you may visit the QUEST VDL page or contact Cathy Griffith to obtain a copy of the presentation.

Title: Mechanisms for robust behavior

Dr. Matthew M. Walsh, 711 HPW/RH
Dr. Kevin A. Gluck, 711 HPW/RH

Manpower costs consume a significantly growing fraction of the Air Force
budget, driving the need for technologies that enable mission effectiveness
while reducing manpower requirements. The Air Force has identified the
increased use of autonomy as a key enabler for meeting this need. Although
progress has been made in this area, autonomous systems remain notoriously
brittle. In this presentation we propose that robustness should be taken
seriously as a selection criterion in the emerging human-machine system
research, development, evaluation, and acquisition agenda. To that end, we
advocate the adoption of a particular domain-general definition of
robustness, as well as a formal quantification methodology for measuring and
comparatively evaluating the robustness of systems. Further, we ask, how do
existing natural and engineered systems achieve a high degree of robustness?
Examples from the domains of biology, engineering, and cognitive science
reveal three general mechanisms for enabling robustness: system control,
redundancy, and adaptability. These mechanisms will be important in the
development of successful human-machine systems, just as they are known to
be in other natural and engineered systems.


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