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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, 7 Feb 2014

QUEST Discussion Topics
7 Feb 2014

1.) Sandy V has been working on some ideas in support of her PhD research that led her to read a book on the application of quantum approaches to explaining consciousness. She will provide us insights from Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision Jerome, R. Busemeyer and Peter D. Bruza, 2012 Quantum Probabilistic theory is a new theory for constructing probabilistic and dynamic systems. It evolved from Quantum Physics, but is broader in scope and applicable to other areas of science and engineering. Keep in mind I’ve asked Sandy to review the area NOT to teach us all the mathematics of quantum models – he mission is to provide us insight into the application to explaining consciousness.
2.) The other points for this week include a suggested revisit of the two articles form the recent computational intelligence magazine from IEEE. The one article by Gangemi, Frame-Based Detection of Holders and Topics: a model and a Tool – the article in sentiment analysis – specifically for those interested I encourage you to look at the article from the perspective of: what does this work teach us in capturing / representing situations (frames) / and processing them for meaning extraction in the wild! And using this NLU system to architect some general lessons on extracting meaning using situations – I encourage you to draw the diagram of the world that is being observed (there are people who are observing something in the world then they post some comment about what they observe and then those comments are used as observations that must be processed to deduce the sentiment being expressed and what it is being expressed about) – that diagram should then be related to a general QuEST problem – try to define the situations – then try to map the pieces used in the article to see if there are general pieces that you will need in the particular driver problem you care about. The same could be done for the second article on determining networks of malicious hackers by analyzing text from social networks on the dark net.
3.) The other two articles this week are first from the Feb Sci American – Autobiographical Memory -.
● Testing confirmed that a few dozen among this group can recite details of a specific date decades later.
● Neuroscientists are now exploring the biological underpinnings of “highly superior autobiographical memory.”
4.) The last article is a general review of the works on Thinking – by Holyoak and Spellman



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