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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, 31 Jan

TITLE: QuEST for DDDAS through Information Fusion —- Erik Blasch

ABSTRACT QuEST (QUalia Exploitation of Sensing Technology) has recently been focused on a theory of knowledge for situation understanding as supporting the decision quality between a computer and human agent. To achieve QuEST, numerous cross-discipline approaches are needed of which two include information fusion and dynamic data driven application systems (DDDAS). DDDAS brings together theoretical modeling/simulation, instrumentation measurements, applications algorithms and systems software. As noted then, traditional approaches to information and QuEST have developed many methods for measurement and algorithms; however, the theoretical and systems software are needed for future systems. In this talk, we (1) focus on the relations between DDDAS, Information Fusion, and QUEST, (2) demonstrate a use case of importance to the QuEST team in a user-defined operating picture, and (3) pose challenges that surround the combined approaches. The talk is supposed to be in the spirit of the QuEST discussions in bringing a few ideas and posing a research collaboration within the team.

DDDDAS Program Review

E. P. Blasch, E. Bosse, and D. A. Lambert, High-Level Information Fusion Management and Systems Design, Artech House, Norwood, MA, 2012.
E. Blasch, “Enhanced Air Operations Using JView for an Air-Ground Fused Situation Awareness UDOP,” AIAA/IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference, Syracuse, NY, Oct. 2013.
E. Blasch, J. J. Salerno, I. Kadar, S. J. Yang, L. H. Fenstermacher, M. Endsley, L. L. Grewe, “Summary of human social, cultural, behavioral (HSCB) modeling for information fusion panel discussion,” Proc. SPIE, Vol. 8744, 2013.
E. Blasch, “Book Review: 3C Vision: Cues, Context, and Channels,” IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, Vol. 28, No. 2, Feb. 2013.
….. And associated references within the above

Other topics brought up this week of interest include and potential topics for future meetings:
Autobiographical memory article in Feb issue of Sci Am
Stockham – 1972 IRE article
Computing with words – NLU is NOT equal to computing with qualia slides 63 …
Thinking chapter provided by Robert P
More on the NLU article from last week



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