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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, July 24

1.) We will start this week by answering any questions people had about the ‘Challenges and Opportunities with Big Data’ article by Agrawal et al. – this was the last topic I brought up as we closed last week and several people wanted copies of the article – it will be posted on the VDL and the blog cite. The idea I was pushing is to ‘rethink data analysis in fundamental ways’ – I’m concerned about rethinking the DCGS (distributed common ground station) problem but have been talking to other government and commercial entities that have similar big data / human bandwidth issues. I also was tying this discussion to my fascination with the potential for crowd sourcing the knowledge generation aspects of much of our data processing and I think it also has great potential in commercial areas.
2.) The second topic is the answer remaining questions about ‘meaning’ – recall from last week: Walkaway definition of meaning: maybe I should have said the meaning of a piece of data to a given agent (recall it can’t be termed data without specifying the agent that is consuming it) is all the information that is generated by that given Agent as a result of processing that piece of data into an infon (piece of information) — all the links / qualia — that is information may begot information since it can become data to subsequent processing – a given piece of data that gets converted to information by an agent can use that information as data in subsequent processing to generate additional information – the sum total of the impact to the representation of an agent by a piece of data is what the piece of data ‘means’ to that Agent
3.) That discussion on meaning brought up our position on Gists/Links – so the last topic for this week is a discussion on Gists – Links
4.) The last topic that took some bandwidth this week for me was an article in this month’s Sci American on ‘to sleep perchance to prune’ – on sleep and memory – so if time allows I will provide a synopsis on that article.

Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News July 24

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