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QUEST Discussion Topics and News, July 17

1.) The first topic this week will be an introduction to Conditional Random Fields – the goal of this discussion is to allow our math group to be exposed to an ‘extension’ of the Hidden Markov Model work they’ve been interested in – CRFs condition on the observations without modeling it thus avoiding independence assumptions and can accommodate long-range dependencies at multiple scales (statistical dependencies exists between the entities we wish to model – they are situated) – our experience with this approach was led by our colleague Bobby Bireer during his investigation of classifying web documents and we needed a means to capture the importance of links that defined the relationships between pages in addition to the text content. This comes up as their use in natural language processing (which of course we have been pursuing as language is the means critters communicate aspects of their internal conscious representation) has been impressive.
2.) The second topic is to continue our discussion on ‘meaning’. The goal of code breaking (to include our analogy of code breaking to the Turing test) – is to come up with a representation of the ‘meaning’ of a set of symbols to the transmitter of those symbols – and that meaning is deduced by aligning the transmitted symbols with a set of symbols that are in the possession of the code breaker – (when humans have normal conversations this occurs – the speaker uses their qualia {internal symbols available to the speaker} to generate a set of words to utter {symbols the speaker can use to communicate with another person} – that are received by the person that is being talked to, those words that are heard {symbols by the person who is listening} and then those are transformed into qualia by the listener {internal symbols in the mind of the listener}.) the key in the conversation is for the listener’s qualia symbol set to get aligned with the speaker’s – but as in all code breaking it requires a sequence of alignments being accomplished. The hope of the speaker is the evoked qualia in the mind of the listener have the intended meaning to that listener. This leads to the need to define ‘meaning’.
3.) The other topics are on list to discuss include a discussion of the potential use of crowdsourcing to handle many of our manning issues associated with analyst generating intelligence products. ‘are we using our analyst incorrectly?’ and also we had some discussion that we needed to finish on equations capturing intelligence amplification for the specific example of breast cancer possibly extending to our DCGS issues.

Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News 13 July

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