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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, June 28

We have a range of topics this week – and will handle however the flow best allows. Dr. Derriso has visitors in (NASA) to discuss autonomy so we may start with him providing the QUEST group an RQ view of autonomous system goals and related technical challenges. We might follow this with an update (mainly for our visitors but it always generates a lot of internal quest discussion) on our think piece entitled ‘Quest for Autonomy’. That discussion is centered around defining the unexpected query. So we want Mark D to provide us his ‘unexpected queries’ in integrated systems health monitoring that present the great challenges to autonomy.
Last week we hit on the topic of ‘meaning’. Adam/I retrieved a document we generated in 2009 to document some quest interactions when we were working on the think piece ‘what Turing meant to say’. In the context of that think piece we had a series of discussions on ‘meaning’ and if time allows we will go over that document.
The other two topics that are still pending is to complete the discussions on the research that demonstrates that schizophrenic people do not see the hollow face illusion and the work where we were trying to capture a concrete example of the relationship between Intelligence Amplification and Alignment (Friction) where we use the breast cancer example to put some meat to the discussion.
One other topic I’ve been allocating bandwidth towards is crowdsourcing. What is the current approach and can it be applied to the problem sets we face / are considering in QUEST and specifically are there QUEST suggested changes to the CONOPS to crowdsourcing?

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