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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, June 14th

We again want to start out with an open discussion on articulating research directions inspired by QUEST. The discussion will be led by our Colleague Andres Rodriquez (RY) and centers on architecting a new approach to the ‘drowning in data’ problem using modern approaches to machine learning and current models of human cognition.

The second topic will be a review of the article “Understanding why patients with schizophrenia do not perceive the hollow-mask illusion using dynamic causal modeling” by Dima et al. Neuroimage 46 (2009) 1180-1186. The discussion will center on the architectural implications of the work with respect to the sys1-sys2 and TD-BU. In the hollow mask illusion, viewers perceive a concave face (like the back side of a hollow mask) as a normal convex face. The illusion exploits our brain’s strategy for making sense of the visual world: uniting what it actually sees — known as bottom-up processing — with what it expects to see based on prior experience — known as top-down processing.
*** all conscious perception is confabulated – what wins of all the plausible narratives is what we experience as qualia – even if we assume the TD expectation is what we experience – we would have thought that we would have expected a flat back or a back of a masked head or a hollow mask – but as the concave mask reveals itself there is another possibility – a convex face – and for whatever reason that wins but NOT for a schizophrenic or a drunk/drugged person – WHY – is it in those mental states you are not willing to go into a new direction to re-think the possibilities? The Schizophrenic mind can’t tag a quale as imagined so maybe it can’t tag the expectation as flawed and thus re-think the possibilities? ***

Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News June 14

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