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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, May 10th

A Framework / Theory for Artificial Consciousness:

A framework is not a detailed hypothesis or set of hypotheses; rather, it is a suggested point of view for an attack on a scientific problem, often suggesting testable hypotheses – we will discuss how defining characteristics of consciousness can provide the guidance to developing a mathematical framework for QUEST. We will focus on which of the tenets / fundamental laws we’ve discussed are critical to embody in QUEST solutions and thus the mathematical framework must support.

THE ULTIMATE GOAL of a theory of consciousness is a simple and elegant set of fundamental laws, analogous to the fundamental laws of physics.
• What might the underlying fundamental laws be?
• There is no reason they should not be strongly constrained to account accurately for our own first-person experiences, aswell as the evidence from subjects’ reports.
• If we find a theory that fits the data better than any other theory of equal simplicity, we will have good reason to accept it.
• If the theory leads to the engineering of systems that demonstrate an engineering advantage then that will be a success!

Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News May 10th

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