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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics, Apr 19

April 18, 2013 Leave a comment

This week’s discussion will focus on Capt Amerika’s prep for his interaction with Ray Kurzweil of Google, particularly his views on the Singularity. Please see the attachment for a review of Kurzweil’s book by Paul Allen, as well as a response from Kurzweil to be used as a starting point for the discussion.

Weekly Quest Discussion Topics April 19


Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, April 12th

April 11, 2013 Leave a comment

This week, we are happy to have some colleagues from Rome NY lead the discussion. Please see below for a brief description of the subject matter.

Cogent Confabulation: From Statistical Inference to Neuromorphic

Cogent confabulation originates from the maximum likelihood estimation
method, a branch of statistical inference. After simplification in
formulations, optimization in algorithmic implementation and adaptation
to real-world applications, the structure of the confabulation method
becomes analogous to the human brain in many operational aspects. The general term, “inference method”, has been used by many academic research groups and on-going government research programs. At AFRL, we have done in-depth research on confabulation models for natural languages and just started the research on special-temporal vehicle behavioral modeling.

Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News April 12

Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, April 6th

The meeting will start with an open discussion to allow people who attended the seminar Capt Amerika gave on Wednesday to ask any questions about the content. Any question from the broad overview down to the details is welcomed and far more time can be spent on the answers than the seminar forum provided. This review of the seminar presentation leads to a more detailed discussion on our recent compilation of tenets for artificial consciousness with an emphasis on those that capture what we know about the phenomenal aspects of the conscious representation (the hard problem).

Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News April 6th