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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Mar 1st

This week’s meeting will consist of the open part of Mark Derriso’s dissertation defense. Please see below for an abstract of his work.


This research addressed a critical limitation in the area of computational
intelligence by developing a general purpose architecture for information
processing and decision making. Traditional computational intelligence
methods are best suited for well-defined problems with extensive, long-term knowledge of the environmental and operational conditions the system will encounter during operation. These traditional approaches typically generate quick answers (i.e., reflexive responses) using pattern recognition methods. Most pattern recognition techniques are static processes which consist of a predefined series of computations. For these pattern recognition approaches to be effective, training data is required from all anticipated environments and operating conditions.

The proposed framework, Conscious Architecture for State Exploitation
(CASE), is a general purpose architecture designed to mimic key
characteristics of human information processing. CASE combines low and high level cognitive processes into a common framework to enable goal-based decision making. The CASE approach is to generate artificial phenomenal states (i.e., generate qualia = consciousness) into a shared computational process to enhance goal-based decision making and adaptation. That is, this approach allows for the appropriate decision and corresponding adaptive behavior as the goals and environmental factors change.

CASE was demonstrated in a selected application to determine the engineering advantages. It was used in an airframe application to autonomously monitor the integrity of a flight critical structural component and automatically generated a timely maintenance recommendation when unacceptable cracking was

QUEST Discussion Topics and News Mar 1st

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