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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Feb 22nd

The goal of the meeting is to discuss a set of fundamental laws / tenets that define characteristics of qualia (phenomenal aspects of the representation) that QUEST suggest are required to achieve machine consciousness. Our working list includes but is not limited to:
Intelligence in nature is a result of the ability to create a stable, consistent and useful world model (note we are not saying an accurate from a physics perspective representation). Insight into part of your internal representation of the world is provided by introspection of your perceptions, your qualia. The vocabulary of introspection is qualia. Introspection can be a dangerous approach to gathering insight in that as in all perception it can be misleading. In addition to that it only can provide access to those aspects of the internal representation that are introspectively available – we contend there are aspects of the internal representation that are not available to introspection. Those aspects of your internal representation not available to introspection we call Sys1 or the Libet system. Qualia is the term we use to capture what you experience (the parts of your internal representation you can introspect over) versus what your sensors measure. It is the red you ‘see’ or the pain you ‘feel’. To ‘see’ or to ‘feel’ are experiences and thus by our definition qualia. By capturing the functional characteristics of the experiences we get a set of guiding principles (fundamental laws/tenets) for engineering systems that can generate robust introspectively available world models. The key to intelligence is to be able to integrate that qualia based representation (Sys2 = all the qualia and all the processes used to generate them) with an autistically generated world model (Sys1, Libet system, intuition).* contained in designing conscious systems walk-aways *

See the attached file for a comprehensive list of our tenets
QUEST Discussion Topics and News February 22nd

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