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QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Jan 11th

QUEST Discussion Topics and News Jan 11th

The first meeting of the new year we always reserve for the ‘state of quest’ talk – it is meant to take anyone from no knowledge of what we are doing to a common baseline understanding of our positions –below is my working outline – your job is to help organize these thoughts – possibly a different order – and/or insert where you think there were ideas we’ve discussed or we need to discuss that would help in the overview –

When we are done we want to have a 1 hour overview talk – basically something any of us can use to tell anybody our story

• There exists a set of problems that we can’t automate to date – example death TV, medicine, ishm, cyber warfare, commercial applications, Cognitive EW – in all we use people – not sustainable
– No magic bullet will solve
• Joint cognitive is the approach we suggest –
– Define cognition –
– Joint cognitive requires wingman – for engendering trust
– Wingman solutions require not just DDAI – they require some form of artificial consciousness
– ?are there reasons for consciousness that makes us believe an artificially conscious solution will be able to solve?
• Fundamental laws / tenets – for consciousness
– Experiments to tease out
– Common Framework
– Blending – consciousness – awareness, reduce unexpected query
• Architectures to implement – alternatives / requirements
– Implementation of laws for these respective architectures
• Google approaching Consciousness- redefining the singularity
• ? conclusions? – possibly end with a list of your respective current focus

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