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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Sept 21

QUEST Discussion Topics
September 21, 2012

1.) The first topic this week is a review of what we communicated to Dr. Mica Endsley, SA Technologies, during her visit this week with respect to attempting to position our interests in the context of her model / definition of situational awareness.
We’ve recently been attempting to capture where we fit by adding a confabulation layer beyond the Endsley model’s ‘projection’ layer – although the projection layer as presented by Dr. Endsley does confabulation – one approach is to combine what she calls projection with other functional needs we have (recollection = imagine what might have happened in the past versus recalling sensory data and what we call ‘perception’ – not to be confused with the Endsley ‘perception level one’, imagine what might be happening now). The point being we’re interested in a set of processes that confabulates a representation that allows the agent to ‘imagine’ what might be going on now = ‘perception’, what might happen next = imagination, or what might have happened in the past = ‘memory’. This view when blended with the ‘below the level of consciousness’ processing (implicit/ intuitive level) we hope will allow us to build far more capable agents that could respond to the unexpected query / environmental changes (that current schema/mental model approaches fail at). One purpose of this idea is to retrain the implicit response system. We’ve internally been using the phrase ‘situational consciousness’ versus ‘situational awareness’ to capture the distinction – SA is all about mutual information between reality and the internal representation where SC is more about generating a representation more useful for exploitation (stable, consistent and useful) versus matching to prior learned responses. One approach I would like to discuss with the group is a nested Endsley model – if you will a SA system (with the Endsley levels monitoring the SA system that is working with the sensory data – if you can imagine the ‘confabulation layer’ we’ve proposed as being implemented to do ‘perception’/’comprehension’/projection of the SA system).
2.) The second topic that has consumed our bandwidth this week is a review of our prior presentations on Gists. The material includes review of an article and ideas from Prof Bar, Harvard; work with our colleagues from The Ohio State University – Stephens, Woods, Morrison; some work on the neural circuitry of first impressions/gists.
3.) The third topic that we’ve accumulated since our last presentation is a revisit of the material associated with making automation a team player. We’ve recently had a series of discussion with colleagues attempting to achieve Cognitive Electronic Warfare and exposing them to the ideas in the Klein / Woods article on challenges for joint activity.
4.) The last topic that we’ve been pursuing is associated with a train of thought associated with the ideas we’ve pursued after our discussion on whether the internet could become conscious. Specifically we want to extend the discussion on the use of modern approaches to processing ‘big data’ (Hadoop and the Google approaches that came after like Caffeine and Pregel etc.). This topic has the potential to combine several of the above ideas where the indexing step could be a form of Gisting.

QUEST Discussion Topics Sept 21

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