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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Sept 14th

QUEST Discussion Topics
September 14th 2012

We have proposed engineering of an artificial sys2 (the conscious part of a representation) using modern approaches to generating virtual worlds (especially those that allow for multi-modality interactions. The idea is that even though there is nowhere in the meat where all the information is ‘projected’ for a homunculus to be exposed to the information (I’ll use the term ‘script’) necessary to generate the VW can be the vocabulary used for deliberation over the content of the VW. This is one approach to computing with ‘perceptions’ as a complement to computing with sensed data (which we will still need to do with sys1 processes and where most of our current pattern recognition and data driven AI work lies).

This week we will have one of our colleagues, Matt Mcclure present to us the means to generate realistic virtual worlds

Our interest is to demonstrate the generation of what is consumed by the human sensory system as a really detailed virtual environment with a modest amount of ‘programming’ (lots under the covers but because it has been abstracted up a lot of the detail stuff is now provided by canned routines) – the point being that since you can generate all this detail with relatively little high level ‘programming’ – making the point that a system that analyzes the ‘programming’ at that high level could deliberate as if it had the full-fledged simulation
There is a continuum of automation, tooling, and raw artist work that brings VWs to life. Every environment or simulation will fall somewhere different on that continuum. Actually demonstrating the CryEngine we hope will be of some value. Discussing AFRL’s approach in simulation, but also how the game industry creates these worlds for “fun” could be interesting.

Matt will be presenting a basic overview of the process for creation of a virtual environment. Discussion includes:

Design Process
Design Principles
Demonstration of CryENGINE 3 Editor
World Creation
Terrain Creation and Modification
Terrain Texturing
Entities and Assets
Scripting AI

This is not a presentation on coding, but rather game and immersive environment design.

QUEST Discussion Topics Sept 14th

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