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Invited Speaker – Dr. Mica Endsley

INVITED SPEAKER: Dr. Mica Endsley, President SA Technologies

DATE: 19 Sep 12

TIME: 0930-1030

LOCATION: Bldg 441 Auditorium with VTC to Ft Sam Houston

TOPIC: “Cognitive Measures and Models for Persistent Surveillance”

ABSTRACT: Although advances in Intelligence, Surveillance, and
Reconnaissance (ISR) technologies are enabling access to a greater
variety of data sources, the deciding factor is how human analysts will
be able to capitalize on this enormous volume of available information
to support their decision-making. The extreme volume of data and the
speed at which that data flows can rapidly exceed human cognitive limits
and capabilities, and errors or delays in processing the data to develop
an understanding of its significance can undermine our goals in this
domain. The ability to achieve fast and accurate situation awareness
(SA) in the face of this data overload is a key factor that allows for
effective decision making and information exploitation. This
presentation will focus on defining situation awareness as it relates to
the USAF Global Integrated ISR mission, and will present a model of
situation awareness including the factors that act to both limit SA and
that allow for people to achieve high levels of SA against these
constraints. Based on this model, methods for improving SA through
training and system design will be discussed, along with measures for
assessing SA that can be used to validate new systems or training
programs. These tools and methodologies provide a strong foundation for
improving situation awareness in USAF operations.

BIOGRAPH: Dr. Mica Endsley is President of SA Technologies, a cognitive
engineering firm specializing in the analysis, design, measurement and
training of situation awareness in advanced systems, including the next
generation of systems for aviation, air traffic control, medical, power
and military operations. Dr. Endsley received a Ph.D. in Industrial and
Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California. Prior to
forming SA Technologies she was a Visiting Associate Professor at MIT in
the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Associate Professor
of Industrial Engineering at Texas Tech University. She is the
out-going President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and has
served on the USAF Scientific Advisory Board. She has given similar
invited presentations at the National Reconnaissance Office and at the
NASIC. She has authored over 200 scientific articles and reports on
situation awareness, decision making and automation and is recognized
internationally for her work in the area of situation awareness. She is
co-author of Analysis and Measurement of Situation Awareness and
Designing for Situation Awareness.

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