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With apologies we will cancel the QUEST meeting this week as Capt Amerika is on the road. The ongoing topic that we can virtually interact on:

The available data that an analyst can access to answer a question has dramatically increased – humans can only modestly improve their throughput using conventional decision aids – To achieve automation requires ‘conscious’ solutions – CHLOE – conscious hub for layered observation and exploitation.

QUEST premise: perceptual flexibility in the face of novelty requires consciousness!

• Situational Consciousness vs Situational awareness: most approaches suggest that generating an internal representation for a computer agent that replicates the key aspects of the environmental situation being observed will lead to decision aides that can correctly anticipate what is going to happen and thus lead to better decisions. In all of the approaches to computational intelligence the first step is to create an objective representation, behavioral and intent independent, of the environment. This is common in all staged models of data processing. Nature has taken the approach of generating an internal simulation (consciousness) where much of the content is inferred versus measured with sensors and is dominated by behavior and intent considerations. This conscious part of the representation has engineering properties that can be investigated to determine which are the key aspects for generating robust performance when presented with unexpected queries. We propose an experimental paradigm to tease out the engineering properties of human consciousness that lead to robust performance in analysis of intelligence data.

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