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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, June 29

QUEST Discussion Topics June 29

We will start this week with a discussion of the DARPA Neurotechnology for Intelligence Analysts (NIA) effort. These experiments demonstrated use of brain signals to help analysts increase search throughput, and support rapid target detection in overhead imagery. Using the brain-enabled triage search method, researchers were able to show at least a 600% increase in search throughput (measured in square kilometers per min) across multiple image analysts and target types. Our discussion will focus on the QUEST sys1 / sys2 formalism with respect to this effort and the juxtaposition of the human as a screening tool versus some computer algorithm for large data sets.
The second topic is associated with our recent discussions on an experimental approach to tease out the key aspects of consciousness that contribute to functional robustness in tasks like analysts face. We will have a discussion on ‘Types of Qualia’ with the goal being to begin to articulate what are the types of information necessary in the sys2 representation, (I was uncomfortable when the key characteristics was spatial resolution). This discussion will mature our views of what information will be passed between the humans in the proposed experiment.

Also, a tip from Maj Dube.
“Elsevier has a new journal titled Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures that on the surface (title, aims, scope) appears very much related to QUEST.

Here’s a link:

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