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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, June 1

QUEST Discussion Topics June 1

1 June 2012

1.) The first topic is the discussion associated with a QUEST based venture fund proposal. We want to discuss the aspects of originality of the research including the potential impact to the AF — possibly with a CHLOE twist; Quality of research to include methodology, research objectives transition plan; Work plan – our plan to generate this;

2.) The second topic is a result of a mid-week meeting with Ox and Mark Derriso. His architecture generated a discussion on situational awareness. So I want to return to a discussion on awareness versus consciousness and how we want to use those terms. Specifically I want to propose a new term which may be the basis of our topic one proposal – “Situational Consciousness” vs Situational awareness.


QUEST Discussion Topics and News, May 25

QUEST Discussion Topics May 25

QUEST Discussion Topics
May 25, 2012
1.) We don’t expect large attendance / participation with Friday being the day before the long Memorial day weekend – but since some people requested a meeting we will do our best to comply. The major topic this week for Capt Amerika was a discussion earlier in the week with researchers being supported by the Air Vehicles Directorate on integrated systems health monitoring and specifically the potential impact of Integrating self-health awareness into autonomous systems. Capt Amerika will bring the QUEST overview talk to the meeting on Friday since those slides led to a discussion on ‘what is awareness for?’ in terms of what types of computations do systems that have ‘awareness’ can accomplish more effectively or more efficiently than if they didn’t have awareness. To have this conversation we have to agree on what we mean by ‘awareness’ so Capt Amerika proposed the QUEST architecturally based definition.

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Meeting notes from May 18

We are very excited to have Dr. Zhigang Zhu of CCNY speak to us about his
work on multimodal sensors and displays, and their application towards
developing assistive technologies for visually impaired individuals. Follow
this link for a summary of the project he is currently working on –

For a news article detailing the application, please follow this link –

Please follow this link for a copy of Dr. Zhu’s slides from today’s discussion.


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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, May 4

QUEST Discussion Topics and News May 4

Dr. Anne Cybenko’s slides on Eyewitnesses

We are excited to have Dr. Anne Cybenko lead tomorrow’s QUEST discussion in a continuation of last week’s meeting. Please see below for a short summary of the material, or head over to our blog for a copy of the slides.

Eyewitness memory talk
Eyewitness memory has been a hot research topic among psychologists for the past 30 years. Results of eyewitness memory studies have been presented as evidence in countless courts around the country and have made a difference in many people’s lives. It is a unique, very applied subject that combines aspects of memory and decision-making research, social psychology, and the legal system. Phenomenon that have been discovered in this field that can provide us insight into basic human
cognitive processes. I will present some of these studies that I think lend themselves well to our discussions.