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QUEST Discussion Topics and News, March 9th

QUEST Discussion Topics
9 March 2012

QUEST Discussion Topics Mar 9th

Our recent discussions on trust of autonomous systems led us to work being led by AFOSR, specifically Joe Lyons, AFOSR/RSL. Joe gave us a link to a wiki, http://www.ihmc.us/groups/hmtras/ ,associated with ongoing research related to our interest. The work focuses on 3 major research challenges:
1) identify what factors shape user trust of autonomous systems initially and overtime,
2) identify how to most effectively establish and maintain “communication/coordination between the machine and the human partner” such that the machine understands the cognitive state of the human and can adapt dynamically – this will involve understanding the human “theory of mind”,
3) develop effective methods to verify and validate trust of autonomous systems
At the wiki there is a reading list of lots of great archival literature on these topics. One of the articles that captured my bandwidth this week is:
Kulesza, T., Stumpf, S., Burnett, M., Kwan, I. Tell me more? The effects of mental model soundness on personalizing an intelligent agent, Proc. CHI, ACM (2012), to appear.
This article addresses the question ‘what does a user need to know to productively work with an intelligent agent?’ (recommender systems). This has been a focus of QUEST discussions so I will spend some time presenting the work and lead a discussion on the take-aways and implications for some of our proposed experiments.

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