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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Feb 17th

QUEST Discussion Topics and News Feb 17

This week will again focus on ‘alignment’. Specifically we want to have a discussion on improving Processing, Exploitation, Analysis, Production and Dissemination (PAD). Traditional views of this process focus on the PAD cell working somewhat in a vacuum versus making PAD a ‘joint activity’ with the consumer of the products that are being disseminated as well as a joint activity of the cell-members and the tools we are providing them. A joint activity approach is completely consistent with what we have defined as Mission Driven PCPAD. This requires all involved in the coordinated joint activity work to enable three key characteristics: interpredictable, common ground and ability to redirect. We will use the article by Gary Klein, Common Ground and coordination in Joint Activity, to frame our discussion. Please keep in mind that we are interested in our computer aides also being a participant in the joint activity and specifically how can we accomplish that. Then there is the need to agree to the pieces of the representations and communications to achieve ‘joint activity’ to allow our math team to formulate the common math framework for human and computer participants in the joint activity.

Klein2004_Common ground and coordination in joint activity

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