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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Feb 10

QUEST Discussion Topics and News Feb 10

This week, we are excited to turn the stage over to some respected colleagues working on the challenge of Flexible Autonomy. Andy Rice and Bruce Preiss from RY and RH (Layered Sensing Exploitation Division) will lead the discussion. Below please find a more in-depth summary from Andy.

“Advances in real-time processing and expert algorithms have made
automation of analysis possible today. However, most analyst have little
confidence in autonomous analysis. This effort seeks to find a way to
introduce ‘trusted’ autonomy to analyst to reduce analyst workload and
increase the quality of their products. The utility and influence of
automatic algorithms spans the spectrum from no involvement to full
control. Each analyst, mission, system, and task have very unique needs
and requirements therefore flexibility is needed to satisfy this broad
operating space. This concept has been coined ‘Flexible Autonomy’. As a
first pass through this flexible autonomy space, the team will be
focusing on multiple-target tracking in a wide-area-motion-imagery
context. Specifically, the track-stitching function will be analyzed
(WAMI) to determine state of the art in automated algorithms, the human
analyst’s use of this product will be researched, and a prototype
flexible autonomy WAMI track stitcher will be developed.”

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