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QUEST Discussion Topics, Nov 4

Quest Discussion Topics Nov 4

1.) Topic one is to continue our discussion on ‘situated conceptualization’ – the idea is to capture in our training data ‘situations’ associated with the concepts we are trying to abstract a representation of – then in a cognitive subsequent task exploit the situation to focus on the relevant aspects of the concept’s representation for this situation-task, we will use the article by Barsalou – ‘the situated nature of concepts’ – American journal of psychology, fall 2006, vol 119, no 3 p 349-384, traditional theories of concepts – concept encoding – generally ignore background situations focusing on bottom up stimulus based processing. Barsalou offers a taxonomy of situations : grain size, meaningfulness and tangibility distinguish the situations
2.) We also want to have a discussion about broadening our definition of sys2 – specifically allowing there to be a distinction between sys2 and qualia. The idea is to make qualia just the active ‘spotlight’ within working memory and to include in sys2 all the processes that allows the generation of those qualia (to include the generation of plausible narratives, the competition that results in working memory, to ‘attention’ generating the spotlight, …).

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