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Issues with D2D

Issues with current approaches to D2D
Capt Amerika
Aug 2011

In all of the approaches to computational intelligence (specifically those associated with D2D) the first step is to create an objective representation, behavioral and intent independent, of the environment. This is common in all staged models of data processing. It has become one of the major tenets of the QUEST group that a subjective representation has to be created for deliberation and that is a key component of the dual process theory of cognition. One of the key attributes of the subjective sys2 representation is its focus on the actions that the human can take (behavior) and the intent of the humans making the decision. These are unique to the subject (agent) making the decision from the data (also agent specific). In the words of one of our heroes R. L. Gregory ‘We see what we believe’. Our behavior / intent (experiences) lead to our construction of a unique subjective aspect of our internal representation of the world that we use as part of a dual process approach to cognition.

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