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QUEST Discussion Topics and News, July 22

Discussion Topics and News, 7/22

1.) The first topic is associated with the article by Bob Patterson – Part of the solution to designing interfaces for decision making is to consider the dual-process theory of human decision making and reasoning (e.g., Evans, 1984, 2003, 2008; Hammond, 2007; Hogarth, 2001, 2002; Kahneman & Frederick, 2002; Sloman, 1996, 2002; Stanovich & West, 2000, 2002). This theory posits that there exist two sets of processes or systems involved in human decision making: analytical decision making (also called deliberative) versus intuitive decision making (also called pattern-recognition based), as will be discussed later. Importantly, we argue in the present paper that intuitive decision making is particularly well suited for immersive environments because the intuitive process is driven by high-level perception (e.g., meaningful interpretation of sensory input via analogical reasoning – ** reasoning by analogy ** ; Hofstadter, 2001) and thus has the potential to be ideally engaged within an immersive environment. Moreover, we also argue that intuitive decision making is particularly well suited for generating robust decisions because the intuitive process possesses characteristics that are analogous to robustness. One aspect of the article we want to focus on today is the analytical and intuitive systems are thought to be engaged in parallel fashion, and they functionally interact when an individual attempts to reason about a particular problem. The relative weight given to processing in one or the other system depends on the particular task at hand.
2.) Reality Mining – two articles – one on Nexus 7 a system that is attempting to respond to the Gen Flynn challenge – Nexus 7 culls the vast U.S. spy apparatus to figure out which communities in Afghanistan are falling apart and which are stabilizing; which are loyal to the government in Kabul and which are falling under the influence of the militants. Also an article from the technical father of the effort Sandy Pentland – ‘To signal is human’ – that discusses the area of capturing and understanding ‘honest signals’ – what we would call sys1 signals and the critical information in those signals.

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