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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics, 17 June

Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics
17 June 2011

1.) Damasio article on sys1 / sys2 formulation and gaming. – Deciding advantageously in a complex situation is thought to require overt reasoning on declarative knowledge, namely, on facts pertaining to premises, options for action, and outcomes of actions that embody the pertinent previous experience. An alternative possibility was investigated: that overt reasoning is preceded by a nonconscious biasing step that uses neural systems other than those that support declarative knowledge… suggest that, in normal individuals, nonconscious biases guide behavior before conscious knowledge does. Without the help of such biases, overt knowledge may be insufficient to ensure advantageous behavior.
2.) The Damasio discussion leads us back to review some of the material from our colleague Bob Patterson article on RDM and immersive environments – ignoring the immersive environments for now and concentrating on the multiple system architecture information provides a complementary view to the Damasio work – ROBUST DECISION MAKING REFERS TO THE ACT OF MAKING SUCCESSFUL DECISIONS UNDER conditions of high variability and high uncertainty (Ullman, 2006). In practice, robust decision making may also include the need for making rapid decisions under conditions of data overload, time pressure, high risk and high stakes, and ill defined or multiple goals
Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics 17 June

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