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QUEST Discussion Topics, May 20 2011

QUEST Discussion Topics
May 20, 2011
This week we look forward to continuing the discussion on Dr. Young’s work. See a short description below.
Theory Building and Testing in Cognitive Science: When cognitive scientists get together and discuss research they frequently seem to talk at cross purposes. Common reasons for misunderstandings include using different metaphors of the mind, conceptualizing the mind at different levels of description, and employing dissimilar philosophical perspectives. Mike will discuss these issues in conjunction with describing his own research creating an associational model of information processing that operates at a symbolic level and its application to modeling cognitive and cultural behavior.
News Articles
We can’t provide the material here as it’s only available to subscribers, but there is a great series from New Scientist on ‘The Grand Delusion’, why things are not as they seem. You can find the stories at this link if interested.

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