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QUEST Discussion Topics, 4/15

QUEST Discussion Topics

1.) Current approaches to human computer interfaces are designed for extracting from the human explicit messages – usually via keyboards / mice. Most of these interactions are associated with responses to what we’ve termed sys2 = qualia = deliberative thoughts / actions by the human. A large quantity of ‘exformation’ is contained in human-human interaction via implicit channels such as one human’s estimation of the other human’s affective state. We want to discuss efforts that attempt to design interfaces that are anticipatory and human-centered and based upon natural occurring multimodal human communication – and specifically discuss how we can leverage these efforts to get measurements of human’s sys1 state.
2.) Another topic I would like to discuss is where automation fits in layered sensing and have the discussion in a mission centric manner – so what missions in layered sensing (taking down a HVI, route surveillance, …) and in cyber (CNA, network defense, …) and ISHM (during mission, routine maintenance, …) are the ones where we should focus

Links of interest for reading material on the discussion topics

QUEST Discussion Topics and News, 4/15

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