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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Feb 4

QUEST Discussion Topics
Feb 4, 2011

The focus of the QUEST meeting this week is to revisit the overview talk – specifically the ‘elevator story’ = what do we tell the boss when we have his/her attention in an elevator and we only have the time between floors to bring them up to date about QUEST. From the elevator story perspective we want to then explain the application of the ‘elevator story’ points to the driver problem of Layered Sensing and specifically the impact on our proposed QUEST approach on the enormous ‘manpower tail’ associated with Layered Sensing. To bring meat to this discussion we will discuss the use of the lab developed Pursuer environment and brainstorm how we might architect a QUEST agent Analyst Intelligence Amplifier hosted there. After the ‘elevator story’ discussion and after we get a briefing on Pursuer we will review the paper ‘Towards the Generation of Visual Qualia in Artificial Cognitive Architectures’ by Arrabales et al – as one attempt to implement machine consciousness for processing visual data.

Link to pdf – http://www.bicsconference.org/BICS2010online-preprints/ModelsOfConsciousness/30.pdf

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