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QUEST Discussion Topics, 2/11

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QUEST Discussion Topics
Feb 11, 2011

1.) We want to finish our discussion of implementing the ‘elevator story’ points of emphasis for QUEST solutions and mapping those onto the driver problems of Layered Sensing, ISHM, Cyber and Biometrics. We will specifically return to both the QUEST summary talk and the recent paper on Global Workspace Theory by Arrabeles (see handouts from last week).
2.) Another paper on generating inside a computer an ‘artificial quale’ – the paper by Sejnowski on generating a representation for the quale of White. This paper points out the limitation of some current models of population decoding that they treat the process as a purely physical analog one rather than one that has quasi-symbolic aspects with only an arbitrary connection to the physical world. This is very consistent with our QUEST view of Sys2 representation
The title of the paper is ‘Seeing White: Qualia in the Context of Decoding Population Codes’, by Lehky and Sejnowski. We cannot provide a copy of it here, anyone interested will have to download it through their own means.
3.) The last topic we want to address is the Nova Science Now episode on intelligent animals which included a sequence on Chaser the border collie that has a thousand word vocabulary and some rudimentary language.

Link to the Chaser video –
Link to video on dolphins –
Link to video on Pepperburg –
QUEST Discussion Topics, 2/11

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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, Feb 4

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QUEST Discussion Topics
Feb 4, 2011

The focus of the QUEST meeting this week is to revisit the overview talk – specifically the ‘elevator story’ = what do we tell the boss when we have his/her attention in an elevator and we only have the time between floors to bring them up to date about QUEST. From the elevator story perspective we want to then explain the application of the ‘elevator story’ points to the driver problem of Layered Sensing and specifically the impact on our proposed QUEST approach on the enormous ‘manpower tail’ associated with Layered Sensing. To bring meat to this discussion we will discuss the use of the lab developed Pursuer environment and brainstorm how we might architect a QUEST agent Analyst Intelligence Amplifier hosted there. After the ‘elevator story’ discussion and after we get a briefing on Pursuer we will review the paper ‘Towards the Generation of Visual Qualia in Artificial Cognitive Architectures’ by Arrabales et al – as one attempt to implement machine consciousness for processing visual data.

Link to pdf –