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QUEST Discussion Topics and news, Jan 28

Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics
Jan 28, 2011

Last week when we were providing a health update on our QUEST ‘Pope’ – Special K – Dr. Brian Tsou asked what was his ‘wish he had solved problem’. Adam and I took the opportunity when we visited him this week to have this discussion. This weeks’ meeting will focus around a discussion of the Special K Grand Challenge and a look at a part of the QUEST prior discussions that are directly relevant to it.
The Special K Test for Qualia
Generate a machine that can explain a story to someone. Example is an aphorism, ‘a heart without hurt is hollow’. The system should be able to take a statement like that and explain its meaning. Not only that though, it needs to be able to align to the specific user that its interacting with, and gist their level of comprehension to see if re-wording is necessary, and what words are striking chords in the listener. Humans explain things differently to different people, and the system needs to be able to handle this level of flexibility, so its representation needs to go beyond a static set of dictionary synonyms.
An example of this was a long time ago he took Linda to the Air Force Museum, and she was looking through one of the goggle displays, but she only used one of the eye holes. He told her she needed to look through both, which of course resulted in a dramatic difference. When she asked why, he gave her the engineering explanation of our binocular-based visual system and how our brains compute difference images, etc etc, to which she again asked, why? He realized that the explanation needed to be tailored for the audience, as any good prof would, and our system needs to be able to do that as well. His statement ‘we are able to come to a common understanding using words which intrinsically have no meaning, because we are able to align to the person we’re talking to’.
As a side note – this same interaction with Linda is our favorite discussion of Qualia – it clearly distinguished for us the gap between the stimulus and the perception.
Given this problem – we have postulated that all thought is formulated in narratives (in fact we’ve postulated that there are many plausible narratives formed that compete for attention – the winning plausible narrative is your personal stream of consciousness). So after our initial discussion on the Special K Grand Challenge I want to revisit our view of ‘narratives’. Our simulation that we deliberate over that is based in some qualia evoked by the sensor data and some qualia that are ‘assumed’.

Quest Discussion Topics and News, 1/28

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