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QUEST Discussion Topics and News, 12/17

Quest Discussion Topics for 17 Dec 2010:

1.)  We want to allow people to chime in on their perspectives of the last three discussions on characteristics of Sys2 representations that can be used in the layered sensing / ISHM / cyber / biometrics driver problem areas – we want to add the biometrics overview to the discussion in support of Trevor’s interest and use the facebook face tagging article as an example to lead that aspect of the discussion.  We want to add an overview of the Clarion cognitive architecture (Explicit-Implicit Interaction Theory – one alternative to blending the two systems and addresses incubation and insight) to keep this discussion moving forward by adding new aspects.

2.)  We also want to follow up on last week’s discussion on integrating humans / computers for high through put tasks like cyber network monitoring and/or automatic target recognition.  Although traditional work in cortical monitoring has been driven by helping the disabled we would like to review an article that discusses using brain computer interfaces for our driver problems – and then tie to topic one above.  Specifically we would like to discuss the possibility of using neuro-ergonomic measures and / or cortical sensors to integrate humans at the Sys1 AND Sys2 level with computers in solving problems in each of our areas.  What would it look like in ISHM (possibly helping prune the many FPs focusing attention when some human sys1 calculation is starting to cause the human concern – similar idea for the cyber monitoring application).

Quest Discussion Topics for 17 Dec

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