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QUEST Discussion Topics, 12/10

QUEST Discussion Topics, 12/10

1.) A recent article by Gen (ret) Deptula – ‘ISR hunters’, http://www.airpower.au.af.mil/airchronicles/apj/apj10/win10/2010_4_04_deptula.pdf, is a short read but has a powerful idea that I would like to discuss ‘hunting versus gathering ISR’.  Specifically I would like us to argue about ‘information missions’ the way we organize, train and equip strike missions.  What is the ‘kill-chain’ equivalent for such a mission?  How does our modified ‘kill-chain’ fit in this discussion – ‘information kill-chain’? AF2T2EA4 or AIFIT2EA4?  How does our prior discussion and think piece ‘Beyond the OODA nonsense’ apply?  In an air-to-air fight Boyd would talk about the shorter-faster loop wins – we might suggest in the information mission a similar result is expected.

2.) Explict-Implicit Interaction Theory – just a note to suggest that we will follow up on a lead given to us by Morley Stone on the work of blending the two systems together (our ongoing topic) – the work from a recent Psychological Review article, passed to Jared and Ox to consider, http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/12/101201124345.htm, on creative problem solving.

Original – http://www.cogsci.rpi.edu/~rsun/folder-files/helie-sun-psycrev2010-f.pdf

3.)  The third topic this week is my premise that we’ve been discussing that the qualia stage = Sys2 is for integration of the context to allow deliberation.  We only need to agree on the engineering characteristics of that ‘simulation’ which is our term for the integrated representation = illusory cartesean theater.  We use the term ‘simulation’ to emphasize that the representation is populated by both parts of the representation evoked by the current sensor data AND other aspects that are populated by ‘common sense knowledge’ (what is expected to be part of the world that I don’t want to bother to validate its presence but will include in my deliberation) that leads to expectations.  We will use the layered sensing for ISR driver problem to focus our discussion and let our cyber and ISHM colleagues lead the discussion on extensions to their domains.  Last week I focused on the idea that a virtual world (VW) could be one way to implement a SYS2.  I then used that strawman to lead a discussion on engineering characteristics of sys2 that we have to enforce in the VW so we could mature our understanding of the ideas of

a.      Continuity

b.     Unity

c.      Embodiment (situatedness)

d.      Sense of Free will (autonomy and pro-activeness)

e.     Reflection

f.       Inferential ability

g.     Responsiveness

h.     Social Behavior

Topics and News, 12/10

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