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QUEST Discussion Topics and News, 12/3

QUEST Discussion Topics


The main topic for quest this week is a continuation of our discussion from the last two quest meetings:


The engineering characteristics of ‘subjective’  (SYS2 / Qualia / illusory Cartesean theater) representations v3.


The goal of the ongoing discussions are to generate a working understanding of the engineering characteristics of blended system of systems solutions used by nature to achieve robust recognition / action.  We have posited that human intelligence is achieved through the blending of the Libet = Sys1 autistic system representations (where quick efficient responses for environmental stimuli ‘close enough’ to prior experiences can be formulated) with the Qualia = subjective = Sys2 representations.  We have generated a list of some of the characteristics for Sys2 representations following / extending the work of Ramachandran.  We have suggested the use of the word ‘simulation’ for this part of the representation to allow the use of a vocabulary (qualia) evoked from the measured sensory data.


Discussion Topics and News, 12/3



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