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QUEST Discussion Topics, 11/12

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

QUEST Discussion Topics for Nov 12, 2010


The main topic for quest tomorrow is:


A working understanding of the engineering characteristics of ‘subjective’ representations.   We have posited that human intelligence is achieved through the blending of the Libet = Sys1 with the Qualia = subjective = Sys2 representations.  We have generated a list of some of the characteristics for Sys2 representations:


•       Continuity – unbroken thread (with ‘feeling’ of past, present and future) – cohesive narrative (non-causal – time is a quale)

•       Unity – diversity of sensory data BUT ‘experiences’, memories, beliefs and thoughts are experienced as one person – as a unity (perspective)

•       Embodiment – mind is embodied and body is embedded, ‘feel’ anchored in our body (idea that you can’t model a priori all that will be encountered and form sensory experiences will take)

•       Sense of free will – ‘feel’ in charge of our actions, I can wiggle my finger (recently thinking link sets may offset a lot of what appears to be free will) – ability to interact and control the interaction in support of creating better = more useful subjective representation

•       Reflection – ‘aware’ of itself (places ‘self’ in world model)

The goal of the discussion will be to develop specific ideas for adding subjective Sys2 extensions to our Cyber, ISHM, Layered Sensing and Medical driver problems


QUEST Discussion Topics for Nov 12