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QUEST Discussion Topics and News, 10/15

QUEST Discussion Topics

Oct 15, 2010


The main discussion point will be a talk Capt Amerika will be giving (on behalf of the quest group) next week ‘ quest for flexible autonomy’.


Autonomy paradox – autonomous systems designed to reduce the human operator footprint are requiring increased manpower support requirements.


Premise of our presentation:


–      Premise: current approaches to ‘automate’ fail to consider the important issue of fundamental science and math of integrating multiple ‘agents’ (some human some electronic) to solve the wicked driver problems in areas like

•       ISR / RPVs (layered sensing)

•       ISHM (Integrated Systems Health Management)

•       Cyber

  • Medicine


There is a large ppt file put together for this topic, please email me if you would like a copy of it before tomorrow’s discussion.


Secondary topic for tomorrow is the summary presentation on designing conscious systems – come excerpts from the 3 papers we had used in discussing ongoing efforts – and then into a discussion on implications of the papers to our 4 current driver problems – cyber, ishm, virtual world learning, layered sensing (WAAS and/or blue devil exploitation)


Again, please just let me know if you would like the slides accompanying this topic.


QUEST Discussion Topics and News, 10/15


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