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QUEST Discussion Topics, 9/17

QUEST Discussion Topics


One of the pieces I want to include in our discussion tomorrow is the problem of representation of time in a QUEST based solution applicable for exploiting persistent sensing data – we currently store frames of data with time metadata associated with the frames and some sensing specifics (location and orientation of sensor) etc. – the question becomes can our view of the quale of time provide a unique innovative approach to representation of the ‘memory’ of the ‘experienced’ data in a sys2 part of the solutions that gets away from this physics time tag mentality?

  1. Link game, cache, dreaming and the quale of time –the general challenges of the link game, recall we have posited that there is a quale of time, adam recently suggested that the units of the quale of time are ‘links’, we would like to have a discussion of the impact of link game and perceived time, example – when a bball game ‘slows down’ for Michael Jordan I suggest this implies that the number of qualia links that he has to exercise to accurately predict / respond to events in the game are fewer than other experiences in a game thus he has the perception that it ‘slowed down’ with respect to his ‘stress’ – the amount of tension and the quale of being rushed versus those experiences where he has to deliberate over many qualia links to get to an acceptable (feels right) answer for the response and in those cases things are happening with the quale of happening fast compared to his quale of deliberation – the idea carries over to when you are learning to drive a car – at first it is a very ‘stressful’ experience where things are happening so fast when compared to your deliberation speed (deliberation is the process of exercising qualia links) – then as you become a more experienced driver you relegate many of the expected activities down to Sys1 (Libet) and you can drive while talking on the phone and changing the music and fixing your makeup -> driving ‘slows down’ in the sense that you don’t have to use many qualia level chunks not many qualia level links are involved so the ‘stress of feeling like too many things are happening too quickly is gone so in that sense it slows down’ but in the sense that your perception of elapsed time it flies by (there are not many qualia links that can anchor the passing of wall clock time).
  2. Narratives – the fundamental unit of cognition ISN’T these categories / qualia / concepts but the situations you form with them – that is we would suggest you can’t define / formulate these categories independent of the context (all the other active categories – that is the way they are linked) – if you will we would suggest that culture specific (and as per my comment on the immortal matt) even person specific ‘situation vocabulary’ made up of these categories allows us to infer categories in streaming overwhelming stimuli –
  3. YATE project – the idea that using Second Life to provide ‘links’ while presenting concepts – brainstorm the hypothesis to be tested – what are the  controls – what is the expected outcome
  4. Spinning Road illusion – related to number 1 above – the idea that context controls perception
  5. Image quality – hit brian with the quest definition – tied to number of ‘situations’ that can be extracted by a given class of agents
  6. Architecting conscious systems – return to the shannahan etc work – what architectures might be the key to replicating some of the engineering advantages we seek

Discussion Topics and News, 9/17

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