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Gist – Overly optimistic view of computer capabilities down the road.

Tags – human computer gap, 30 year predictions, autonomous systems,

“Humans today are still more capable than machines, but by 2030 that is absolutely not going to be the case anymore,”… report gives an informed analysis of how the world of science and technology will develop during the next 20 years and indentifies candidate technologies that offer the greatest potential return for limited investment dollars… briefly covered three of the report’s major findings… first, he cited, is a greater use of highly adaptable, autonomous systems to achieve both improved capability and the benefit of reducing manpower costs… influx of autonomy will bring along the challenge of proving that autonomous systems are not only effective in the lab but will perform the way they should under every imaginable scenario… second finding Dr. Dahm presented spoke to the rapid evolution of technology to a state beyond natural human capacities… by 2030, man and machine will be coupled in such a way where it is difficult to tell where one starts and the other ends… must focus a greater fraction of science and technology investments on research to support increased freedom of operations in contested environments… types of environments he cited warranting particular emphasis in terms of research are resilient cyber domains, operations in GPS-denied environments and electromagnetic spectrum warfare…

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