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Gist – New chip design will make future computers even smaller

Tags – memristors, moore’s law, microchips, ubiquitous computing, Central Nervous System of the Earth

Soon, the computer may become invisible to us, hiding away in everyday objects…. had begun commercializing a Lilliputian switch that is a simpler — and potentially smaller — alternative to the transistor that has been the Valley’s basic building block for the last half-century… means the number of 1’s and 0’s that can be stored on each microchip could continue to increase at an accelerating rate…. fulfillment of Moore’s Law, first described in the 1960s by Douglas Engelbart and Gordon Moore, which posits that computer power increases exponentially while cost falls just as quickly… They called its successor “ubiquitous computing.” The computer would simply melt away like the Cheshire Cat, and become imbedded in all the objects that make up daily life…. Our pens, pads of paper, cars, indeed virtually everything we use are becoming computer smart… scientist who has led the quest for the new generation of ultrasmall switches, known as memristors, said that their arrival foretells a computing age of discovery that will parallel the productivity increases first brought about by the microprocessor… amount of data is increasing at an absolutely ferocious pace, and unless we can catch up it will remain useless.”… example of what’s possible is a project called Central Nervous System for the Earth, or CENSE, he said. Based on as many as a million sensors, CENSE will make it possible to create a far clearer picture of oil and gas reservoirs than previously possible…

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