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Meeting topics and News, Sept 3 2010

Quest topics:

ANALOGICAL STORY MERGING, by Mark Alan Finlayson, my  interest in this material is to satisfy the need in quest solutions to extract plausible narratives from streaming qualia.  I have a correlated interest in representation of peoples representation of a situation by constructing a narrative out of a mixture of sensory evoked qualia and that person’s prior vocabulary of links.

2.) Continue our discussion initiated by Dr. Tsou on estimating image quality – specifically I would like to extend what he is estimating to address the potential qualia evoked by an agent from an image of that ‘quality’ when that agent is trying to accomplish a defined task – if you will information quality.

3.) Link game, caching and dreams – I would like to propose a connection between these ideas – that is that linking is our means of generating an efficient cache of potentially related qualia to the current situation – and dreaming is our method of exercising recent experiences in a linked fashion.

Discussion topics and News 9-3

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