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Twitter weight loss


began a very personal and yet public project — losing weight…knew that I could not diet alone; I needed the help of a cheering section. But rather than write a blog, keep a diary or join Weight Watchers, I decided to use Twitter. I thought it would make me more accountable, because I could record everything I ate instantly. And because Twitter posts are automatically pushed to each person who subscribes to them, an audience — of friends or strangers — can follow along….impulse to share every minute detail of life is often ridiculed as a narcissistic trait of my generation…wasn’t really the problem with my Twitter diet account, twitter.com/brianstelter25. Truth telling was…I was going to account honestly for every ounce. Eat, tweet; eat, tweet. But my post on Day 2 disguised a long night of drinking, and I didn’t mention a late-night slice of pizza…Within days, I stopped posting the daily log of bites and sips. I disappeared from the account for almost a week at a time…posts were not always easy to write. I started counting calories rigorously and yearned to share even more. The fast food industry had stacked the deck against ordinary consumers, and I thought that talking about this in public was a corrective, if a slight one…ontinued to announce a certain amount of lost weight, the replies from followers were motivation enough to lose more, a reinforcing cycle. “Am so proud of you!,”… echoed what friends had told me in person: that my daily Twitter updates about salads and fat-free yogurts and late-night gym trips were changing their habits…

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