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Facebook Places is the social-media giant’s leap into location-based networking…app is promoted as a way users can see where their friends are hanging out…function similar to what apps such as Foursquare and Gowalla have been doing for a while. But Facebook’s 500 million-user base dwarfs the 2 million-plus on Foursquare, meaning the “check-in” concept is probably new to a lot of folks…uses GPS so people can “check in” on their mobile phones, letting friends know where they are and what they’re up to…can also leave comments and tips for friends to see. If you like a particular dish at a restaurant, or had bad service there, you can post that info with your check-in and notify your friends…pp, using GPS, also will identify other hot spots in your area — and the comments people have left about those places — so you could discover new hangouts and social possibilities…available only for the iPhone, but Facebook says versions for the Android system and BlackBerry are coming soon. Currently, iPhone users will see the Places option when they download the latest update to the Facebook app…If you don’t choose to check in, your location isn’t revealed….only sends location alerts to your Facebook friends. There are ways to change that (we’ll talk about changing your settings later) to tell more, or fewer, people. But as is, no one you haven’t approved as a friend can see what you post….

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