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Air Force Video Games


Air Force is developing a new video game designed to attract young recruits to a crucial, growing career field: drone piloting…convincing young people who grew up watching movies and playing video games that glorified manned fighters to join the ranks of drone pilots may not be easy. So the Air Force is pursuing a game based on RPA to help persuade recruits that this could be a cool career path to explore…”Air Education and Training Command is developing Predator/Reaper simulation to encourage recruits to consider the RPA career field,”… military’s interest in gaming technology is nothing new. The “America’s Army” series is now one of the most successful first-person shooter video games around. It’s credited with boosting recruitment for the Army and enhancing the military’s image among the younger generation. The Army also helped fund development of the popular “Full Spectrum Warrior” game….”The Pentagon’s embrace of video games is part of a much larger phenomenon — ‘militainment’ — that is reshaping how the public understands today’s conflicts,” Peter Singer, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, writes in Foreign Policy magazine. “The term was first coined to describe any public entertainment that celebrated the military, but today it could be redefined to mean the fascinating, but also worrisome, blurring of the line between entertainment and war.”…

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