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Weekly QUEST Discussion Topics and News, 8/20,2010

QUEST Discussion Topics
August 20, 2010

1.) Designing ‘conscious’ systems is the primary focus of this week’s workshop.  We are interested in discussing the – evaluation of the validity and benefits of designing conscious systems – where we will define consciousness as generation of qualia (Sys 2 representation).  We will review the work of Aleksander – examine the potential for informational machines to be conscious and what benefit this might bring to the general area of cognitive computation.  We will also review the work of Sloman – who starts with the tentative hypothesis that although the word “consciousness” has no well-defined meaning, it is used to refer to aspects of human and animal information processing and we can enhance our understanding of what these aspects might be by designing and building virtual-machine architectures capturing various features of consciousness.
2.) We also would like to discuss a twitter application we came across that purports to have a novel solution to – monitors the spread of information on Twitter to identify users with the most influence.

QUEST Discussion Topics 8-20

The corresponding documents for tomorrow will be posted on the QUEST CoP here:

Supplementary material for those without access to the COP can also be found at the Quest blog, https://qualellc.wordpress.com.

As always, if anyone has anything QUEST-related that they would like to add, please feel free to do so in the meeting or virtually.
Offsite people (OSU, RI, SET, etc.) -please call 937-255-3636 x8992 to telecon.

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